Front Desk Receptionists:


Sheila …Sheila has worked with me since May 1999. Sheila is a native of Fayetteville. She is the cheerful receptionist that greeted you when you checked in at the front desk. She handled phone calls and appointments.

Now the sad news, she retired from the practice in the Fall of 2014. I am leaving her picture and this note about her in place, because I am asked about her every day since she retired. We all miss her and wish her well in her new endeavors after she dedicated herself so well to all of us for over 25 years.


Barbara … Barbara handles follow up appointments and payments when patients have completed their appointments. Barbara is joined by many other competent and helpful receptionists as well. She has been at that position for years, so she gets to stay on "my" website.



Mary … Mary comes to Manlius from the downtown office and she fills in at the front desk as needed when there is a staffing need. Without her we would not be able to easily accommodate patients as our front desk would otherwise be underserved.




Diane … Diane manages the office and does all nursing duties as the need arises or staffing changes. She is the “go to” person for office issues. She also solves many of the "I.T." problems and staffing assignments. She fixes our administrative problems and is an expert at patient service.


Carolyn … Carolyn handles the bulk of the nursing needs for my patients, reviewing meds, obtaining vital signs, relaying medical information as directed by me to patients as I direct to her through our electronic medical records software. She does this throughout the day to expedite communication to patients in and out of the office as their needs require.



Cindy … Works primarily with Dr. Karen Heitzman. She and all the nurses assist each other with calls and nursing care as the need requires to keep things running smoothly.


Phlebotomist (Lab):

Pattie … Pattie is the Lab’s phlebotomist and she obtains blood and other samples from you to send to our lab for analysis. Having your labs done in our office helps expedite the results to me via our electronic medical record system. This ensures accurate and easily retrievable and comparative analysis for the physician. Your lab results for commonly performed tests go directly from our analyzers directly to your office record.


Covering Physicians:

You may have another Board Certified Internist (see below) reach you by phone if you have an after hours urgent medical problem and if I am unavailable. The after hours number is: 315.682.6600.

After hours, always go through my answering service to contact the proper physician on call. Try not to circumvent the answering service by trying to text me, email me or using my cell phone. It is not as reliable as calling the office. When you call during office hours, staff will relay the message to my nurse and if indicated then to me. I will have your record attached to the message for reference and that enhances the quality of the assessment and response. The system works and it allows for proper documentation as well. After hours the service is empowered to find me or a covering physician as soon as possible.

The following physicians will cover hospital admissions for weekends and holidays for Dr. Louis Green and me, if we are unavailable. Once admitted you may be seen by a hospitalist (an in house MD at Crouse) or one of these covering physicians. When back on duty, I will assume care for you at Crouse for the rest of your stay in the hospital.

Dr. Martin Noonan
Dr. Al Tripodi
Dr. Louis M. Green

Dr. Louis Green

Dr. Louis Green
739 Irving Avenue
(Located in the CNY Medical Building, across from Crouse Hospital)
Syracuse, NY 13210



 Mark S. Erlebacher, M.D.
4500 Pewter Ln
Manlius, NY 13104
Telephone: 315.682.6600